Antithesis in hamlet act 5

Led me to the desire to archive their stories in this website, and eventual book.
These experiences of the theater should be remembered by new generations, especially since the theater and how it is performed and perceived is constantly evolving. Maybe some day you will see me descend those stairs at the Harmonia Gardens just one more time! Richard Skipper I want the legacy of ALL of the players both on and off-stage to be remembered. It is still one of the most sought out productions in regional, community, stock, and even in high schools and colleges!   The stories and experiences of those who are part of this legacy show the vast changes in the entertainment world over the past fifty years and will be hopefully enjoyed by theater professionals and fans for years to come. In closing, it was my love of Carol Channing that led me to performing as her in the first place. The show keeps on giving. The icing on the cake was not only becoming a close friend of her and her last husband Harry (even staying in their home! ), but becoming friends of her allies and co-stars and friends.
Getting to know these co-stars, especially from Hello, Dolly! We will NEVER see that kind of theater and dedication to a particular role ever again. T here are  productions of Hello, Dolly in regional theatres  and high schools on any given day of the week.

This celebration obviously didn t stop with the curtain going down on Ethel Merman that long ago December of 1970.

Antithesis in hamlet act 5. I feel on some cosmic level that I will carry that mantle forward to future artists and theater-goers alike.
I do miss performing as Carol but it was time to move on, but who knows?